After completing his medical studies in South Africa and working in England, Mandrid Blignaut joined P&O Princess Cruises in 1992, where he worked as senior doctor on their impressive and well-equipped fleet of cruise liners for more than twelve years. His work on board ship took him to the Far East, visiting places like Vietnam, China and Japan, and down to Australia and the South Pacific Islands. Apart from the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea, he has travelled to Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and around North and South America, including the Caribbean. Mandrid has acquired extensive experience in maritime and travel medicine, and has decided in 2006 to use his cruise ship medicine experience to concentrate on full-time recruitment of medical professionals in South Africa for the cruise line industry.

Dr. Mandrid Blignaut

Cruise Line Medical Recruitment was established in 2006 to provide South African Doctors, Registered Nurses  & ALS Paramedics with the opportunity to practice Medicine while trying something different, fresh and exciting, by working on International Cruise Liners.

We are approved suppliers in South Africa of medical professionals for Princess Cruises, Holland America Lines, Seabourn Cruises, P&O Australia and Carnival Cruise Lines, collectively known as the North American Cruise Division of Carnival Corporation.  They have an impressive global fleet of more than 65 ships and feature some of the largest floating luxury liners in the world.

Over the years, South African doctors, nurses and paramedics have gained the reputation of being some of the most highly skilled and competent medical professionals in the world and particularly well suited to the demands of the clinical and culturally diverse environment of the cruise liners.